Real Italian food

A luxury Italian Catering Service which organizes and manages the Food & Beverage service for weddings and private events worldwide. Only the finest produce is selected by our experts. Organization, versatility, professionalism and use of traditional Italian techniques are a must.

Home Made

High quality raw ingredients are transported from Italy to the location then prepared and cooked on site in keeping with traditional Italian methods, providing you and your guests with the opportunity to appreciate the fresh authentic Italian flavour of our creations.

Tailor made Menu

Offering a wide variety and endless combination of exquisite courses for you to choose from, with your collaboration, we can create a unique menu that is perfectly tailored to your needs and desires. We guarantee an exclusive and highly pleasurable experience.

Hygiene & Safety

High rigor and discipline are observed with respect to all personnel and workplace hygiene procedures. Frequent checking of food is carried out before, during and after preparation. All our staff are qualified in food handling and possess the required certificates.