We offer a wide choice of venues all over Italy from exclusive restaurants for sumptuous meals or places to host events with accommodation.


Magical and romantic, a castle is certainly the ideal location for those who want a fairy-tale wedding, a place that fits perfectly with the princely theme. Imagine spacious, regal rooms, furnished with refined floral arrangements and embellished with details such as crystal chandeliers and tall candelabra.


From the classic villa with more than 200 years of history, sumptuous and rich in its frescoes and gardens, to more modern contexts, with large green lawns and perhaps a splendid swimming pool to make the most important moments magical.


For an elegant event but not too sophisticated, trendy yet exclusive, characterized by a less formal atmosphere which transmits a feeling of freedom from the outfits worn to the set-ups and surroundings. Refined but at the same time essential and minimal.