The classic and traditional Italian wedding lunch or dinner allows your guests the luxury of enjoying a first class meal while comfortably seated at the table. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can guarantee that each course will be served to all guests at precisely the same time.


Our Italian Buffet is a delightfully versatile meal where your guests can dine whilst seated, but which also creates a less formal atmosphere. Offering greater freedom of choice and movement, this self-service option provides the opportunity to personally select from a wide variety of tantalising dishes.


Finger Food is a cutlery-free gastronomic experience. As an alternative to classic appetisers, we create inviting gourmet mouthfuls designed to stimulate and delight the senses.


Thanks to our long working experience in the Food & Beverage industry, we are ready to adapt to any type of location and cater to your every need. Dedicated to making a success of every conceivable occasion, however challenging or complex, we have earned a reputation for making the impossible possible.