To create our menus we use only superior, high quality ingredients. Our experts select the best oils, cheeses, cold meats, flours, vegetables and dried fruits from specific Italian regions. With over 30 years of experience we are exceptionally qualified to offer the finest meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Served along with the Welcome Drink, your guests will be pleasantly surprised by this first taste of the culinary delights to come. Select from an assortment of over 800 delicious mini food creations, prepared to satisfy each individual palate.


The term Starter is of Roman origin: the precise meaning of "ante-paestum" is "before lunch". We have selected traditional Italian Starters which, in addition to being prime quality, are light and easily digestible. A pleasurable taste that will stimulate your appetite for more.


To maximise your pleasure and personalise your experience, during your tasting session, we will offer you the same plate of pasta prepared from 3 different flour grains, thus allowing you to select the dish that perfectly matches your taste buds. Its this attention to the small details that makes us stand out.


Following a classically structured Italian menu, this stage of the meal will be the principle source of fat and protein. Based on your individual preferences, we will offer a minimum of five freshly prepared dishes from which you can select the one to perfectly complement your chosen main course.


In addition to being tasty, a side dish can be used to refresh the palate from the dish it accompanies and to prepare it for the next course, as in the case of a simple, but carefully prepared fresh salad eaten in combination with and to complement fish or meat dishes.


Another signature delicacy are our sauces which come fresh from the kitchen in a range of memorable flavours. Each sauce is created to be combined with a specific dish, such as our "Tocco de nuxe", a seasonal sauce which is prepared with walnuts that are only harvested in autumn.


The greatest friends of gourmets, faithful allies of the sweet-toothed but sworn enemies of the figure and of every type of diet. They are our sweets and desserts. As well as creating elaborate wedding cakes, our pastry chefs will also delight you with their freshly made single-portion desserts.